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Craig William Taylor: Current Career Highlights

April 11, 2013 Comments off

Craig William Taylor Casual-BWA graduate of the University of California, Davis, Craig William Taylor currently serves as Senior Data Systems Engineer at Genentech, Inc., a prominent California-based biotechnology company. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, as well as a Master of Business Administration, Mr. Taylor maintains ties with IBC Life Sciences, a professional organization that functions as a division of Informa plc. Headquartered in London, England, Informa plc facilitates more than 10,000 educational courses and conferences around the world each year and concurrently oversees a publishing business with over 40,000 titles in print. As Informa Plc’s Drug Discovery and Biopharmaceutical Production division, IBC Life Sciences organizes numerous networking affairs, exhibitions, and informative seminars for the purpose of supporting advancements in the scientific community. Established in 1987, IBC Life Sciences commits to objectivity, going to great lengths to encourage the exchange of unbiased ideas amongst its members.

In addition to his involvement in the activities of IBC Life Sciences, Craig William Taylor holds membership in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Sharing IBC Life Sciences’ mission of providing technical resources to the scientific community, AIChE’s global network comprises more than 40,000 chemical engineers. With members in 93 countries across the world, AIChE publishes a wide array of industry-specific reading material, including Chemical Engineering Progress, a monthly journal filled with information on the latest technical developments in the chemical-engineering field. To further support its members’ professional development, AIChE offers a variety of continuing education courses. AIChE’s education programs are fully accredited and taught by highly respected scholars and researchers. As a member of AIChE, Craig William Taylor joins other leaders of the scientific community who are dedicated to the utmost excellence in their work.