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Home Landscape Care for Every Season By Craig William Taylor

April 10, 2015 Comments off

No matter the season, your lawn and shrubbery require regular attention to remain in top condition. Here are a few tips for year-round lawn maintenance:

-In the spring, sparingly fertilize grass and apply a natural or chemical weed killer. Aerate and dethatch the lawn as needed.
-In the summer, water the grass in the morning. Soak the grass in about one inch of water weekly. As the summer heat increases, allow the grass to grow a bit longer between mowings to better withstand hot temperatures.
-In the fall, continue watering the grass until winter truly arrives. Begin overseeding in mid-October in mild climates, or in mid-September in cold-weather areas. Regularly rake leaves, as they breed disease and prevent grass from getting much-needed sunlight.
-In the winter, administer a light dose of nitrogen fertilizer late in the season so that lawns will remain green all winter long.

About the Author

Biotechnology manufacturing expert Craig William Taylor has spent more than seven years as a Data Systems Engineer at Genentech, Inc., in Vacaville, California. Away from work, Craig Taylor enjoys landscaping and yard improvement projects.